Canoe Preservation Project

14th Century Old Dugout Canoe Found!


On June 7, 2017, while out boating, Robert Cornett and Jenna Bradley, residents of Hosston, LA, spotted a wooden log sticking out of the riverbank of the Red River near Belcher, LA. On further investigation, they realized that this was no ordinary log.

Robert and Jenna notified authorities and, after great efforts by man and machine, a prehistoric canoe was carefully unearthed and rescued. This canoe measures nearly 34 feet long and is believed to be the longest, intact canoe every found in southeastern United States. The vessel weighs an estimated 1,500 pounds and was carved out of a single cypress tree trunk, likely by members of the local Caddo tribe of Native Americans.

The canoe is currently located at Texas A&M and is being restored/preserved for the education of future generations. It will be transported to the Headquarters Unit of the Red River National Wildlife Refuge for safekeeping and exhibit, with a target exhibit opening date of January 2022.

Financial contributions to this history-making effort may be made online at and click the donate button.  Alternatively,  donations may be mailed to Red River National Wildlife Refuge, Canoe Project, 150 Eagle Bend Point, Bossier City, LA 71112 .